The First climate neutral medical product the Blue Lavage
Mahe Medical USA BlueLavage

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Environmentally Friendly, Innovative & Cost Effective
Germany alone is using about  434,000 devices each year. This means previously around 736,494 pounds of plastic had to be recycled and 2.6 million batteries had to be discarded into a landfill.

Estimates in the USA show that we are using close to 1.7 million devices each year which results in 2,945,976 pounds of plastic and 10.4 million batteries being discarded into landfills here in America.​

With Mahe’s BlueLavage, only around 1.5 million pounds of plastic would need to be disposed of and only around 3,422 pounds of electronic waste have to be discarded in the USA. Each rechargeable battery can be used 150 times.
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A sterile, single use product in which no metal parts are installed

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Mahe Medical USA’s factory direct purchasing program will make a dramatic impact on your expense reduction goals, slash your case costs, and bolster your bottom line. We help you realize big savings on expensive orthopedic implant and supply costs - one of the most difficult expense categories for any ASC or Hospital to control.

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BlueLavage Surgical Technique Guide - Suction & Flushing System
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Winner of the German NRW 2019 Efficiency Award