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Single Use - Distal Radius Surgery Kit


Keep your wrist surgeries under budget and on schedule with Mahe’s Single Use, Distal Radius Surgery Kit


Distal Radius Surgery Kit

Distal Radius Surgery Kit

Save 50% Over Comparable Systems

Complete and highly efficient. No retrieving products, surgery preparation, sterilization or reprocessing after surgery. Kits are always stocked and ready for use, which is especially valuable for unscheduled trauma cases. Available in four distal radius plate sizes and left/right variations for each size plate.

Everything you need for the procedure is included in each kit:

  • Distal Radius Plate - 2.7mm Titanium (Left or Right)
  • Single Use Instrument Kit
  • Depth Gauge - Drill Guides - Templates 
  • Drill Bit & K-wires
  • Generous Assortment of Screws
  • Includes A Backup Supply of Extra Screws
  • Prepackaged and Sterile - Ready for Immediate Use

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