Xtracta-Screw Refill

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Xtracta-Screw Refill

Xtracta-Screw Refill

$ 300.00 
/ Unit
$ 400.00 
/ Original Unit

XTRACTA-SCREW has you covered. One-Size-Fits-Most: Whether you're dealing with a 1.5mm or an 8.0mm screw STIPPED OR BROKEN, we’ve got the right tool for you.

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AO CONNECTION! Using It is a Cinch!

1. Open the sterile pouch and grab your
2. Slide it into any drill (yes, any!) using the included AO adapter.
3. Switch your drill to reverse and, voila! That annoying screw is history.
4. Toss the used screw with our labels and jot it down. Easy, right?

Ready for the FREE STUFF?

Call us today and we'll include a FREE Dispensing Caddy. We like to call it the "Garage" and it's perfect
for keeping all your XTRACTA-SCREW organized. That's a $700 bonus!

Plus, this whole package is yours for less than $5,000. That boils down to just $400 per XTRACTA-
SCREW. It’s sterile, top-quality, and super affordable.

So, What's The Hold Up?

Ready to put those pesky screw-related setbacks behind you?
Your surgeon and patients will THANK YOU!