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Custom Orthopedic Procedure Packs

Create Custom Orthopedic Procedure Packs

Commonly Used Implants & Supplies

Most surgery departments use a variety of pre-packaged procedure packs for cost savings and to improve the efficiency of their operating room and staff.  The benefits are well documented and include lowering supply costs, while helping keep your surgeries on schedule.  Until now, procedure trays containing  commonly used orthopedic supplies have been largely overlooked when designing procedure packs.  Mahe Medical USA custom procedure packs break that barrier, and help you gain additional efficiencies and savings by eliminating inefficiencies and wasteful practices in your orthopedic procedures. 

  1. No Waste - For example, K-wires are normally pre-packaged in packs of six wires.  If your standard procedure calls for using four wires, why throw away two wires each time?  Design a Mahe Custom Pack, optimized with four wires instead of six.  

  2. Single Use Implant Packs -  Let Mahe Medical USA help you design a sterile, custom procedure pack, including implants, around each of your most common orthopedic procedures, for maximum savings and operating room efficiency.  Any plate in our frag kit(s) can serve as the basis for your design.

Mahe Medical USA Custom Pack

Select the Components You Require, For Example:

  • Drill Bits
  • K-Wires
  • Implants
  • Screws
  • Saw Blades
  • Single Use Instruments
  • Sterile Packed

Mahe Medical USA custom orthopedic packs eliminate product waste, improve staff efficiency, lower case costs, and help you boost your facility’s bottom line profits.

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