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Synergy Pack In-Home Rehab Therapy Solutions

Physical therapy following a knee or hip surgery is a critical part of the recovery process. Hip and knee joint replacement therapy will allow you to begin the recovery process within a day following surgery. However, the thought of having to travel to see a physical therapist can often be overwhelming to an individual that has recently undergone major surgery. In-home rehab therapy solutions provide a more convenient option for those that prefer therapy within the comforts of their home, instead of an outside facility.

Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Therapy Synergy Pack

Mahe Medical’s in-home rehab package solutions are specifically designed to be used within the comforts of a patient’s home. Our packaged therapy solutions provide everything that you need to keep on a full, active and balanced therapeutic rehab schedule which helps patients recover sooner and realize greater long-term success. The hip and knee joint replacement therapy products that are included within our signature Synergy Packs, include:

  • Ankle weights
  • Stretch strap
  • 65CM stability ball & pump
  • Pilates ring
  • Lacrosse ball
  • Resistance loops
  • Balance pad
  • Knee or hip molded ice packs
  • Waterproof bandages

In-Home Rehab Therapy Solutions Mitigate Bundled Payment Exposure

In-home hip and knee joint replacement therapy can save significant amounts of time and money when compared to traditional therapy within a facility. The categories below provide an example of how teaming with Mahe Medical can prevent bundled payment exposure.

Ancillary income

Synergy Pack is a low cost solution which you can provide to your patients at no cost,  or offer it to them for purchase, creating a new, ancillary income stream for your practice or facility.

Expands & Enhances the Continuum of Care for Patients

The pack is designed to complement traditional outpatient physical therapy and in-home stretching exercises with equipment designed to speed recovery and improve patient outcomes.  Synergy Pack contains a variety of exercise accessories that aid patients in their efforts to develop stronger muscles and bones, while regaining a full range of motion.

By Design – No Included Instructions

Our program allows the surgeon and physical therapy staff to design a customized set of instructions for each patient, tailored to their specific limitations and requirements.

No Inventory to Stock – We Handle all Patient Fulfillment & Shipping

We look forward to speaking with you to determine how the Synergy Pack in-home rehab solution can be added to your patients’ physical therapy protocol.  Please complete the “Request a Quote” form, and our product specialist will contact you to arrange an appointment with your staff to discuss the Synergy Pack program in greater detail.

In-Home Rehab Therapy Solution Advantages

Purchasing a Synergy Pack for hip and knee joint replacement therapy directly from Mahe Medical allows you to concentrate on your recovery within the comfort of your home. Since we are factory direct providers of medical products and medical devices, we have no need for middlemen. This means that we can pass the money that we’ve saved onto you. We have also partnered with Amazon Business, which allows our customers quick and easy ordering, with an expedited shipping process. Mahe Medical offers the following benefits:

  • No Contracts
  • No Pricing Tiers
  • No "Cost Minus Rebates" Game to Play or Manage

Contact Mahe Medical for Synergy Pack Hip & Knee Joint Replacement Therapy Today

At Mahe Medical we can provide you with a customized in-home rehab package solution Synergy Pack that will save you money, while providing advanced hip and knee joint replacement therapy in the comfort of your home. Request a quote today.


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