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Orthopedic Fragment Instrument Sets

For many high volume orthopedic facilities, consigned frag kits don’t make financial sense. While they provide an attractive model for low-volume practices to acquire necessary supplies without a capital outlay, consignment isn’t practical for high volume orthopedic practices.

Convert your consigned frag kits over to Mahe Medical USA’s ownership model, and enjoy a rapid payback on your investment. Mahe offers German fragment kits in stainless steel and titanium. In addition, a new stainless steel locking screw option will be available for our orthopedic fragment instrument sets will be available beginning in Q1, 2019.

Please take a moment to review our catalogs and complete the “request a quote form” to receive a quote on any of our cost effective orthopedic fragment instrument kits.

Easy & Cost-Effective Ownership Program for Orthopedic Fragment Instrument Sets

Mahe’s factory direct model for German fragment kits provides a refreshing, new approach for slashing orthopedic frag kit supply costs. When you add our e-commerce solution, Amazon Business Professional Healthcare, to our low-cost model, you’ll realize that we provide an improved model for the acquisition of medical products and devices. Mahe provides improved prices, a more efficient supply chain, and the ability to disrupt traditional procurement models! We offer the following advantages when purchasing non consigned frag kits:

  • No Contracts
  • No Pricing Tiers
  • No "Cost Minus Rebates"

Factory Direct Orthopedic Fragment Instrument Set Suppliers

As our professional partners, Amazon allows us to ship our competitively priced German fragment kits directly to our customers without a middleman markup. They are making supply chains more efficient, lowering supply costs, all while simplifying the purchasing process and comparison shopping. You will find Mahe’s most popular products on Amazon Business Professional Healthcare, along with competitive pricing for hundreds of thousands of other healthcare and business supplies. Some of the added advantages that Amazon offers, include:

  • Easy On-Line Ordering
  • Free Two-Day Shipping
  • A User Interface for Ordering That Everyone Knows - No Training!
  • Integration With 54 Purchasing Systems for Streamlined Order Processing
  • Negotiated Pricing and Applicable Discounts Applied to All Orders
  • Create Order Approval Workflows and Manage Spending Limits
  • Extensive Account Management Tools, Reporting, and Analytics
  • Tax Exempt Purchasing
  • Flexible Payment Options - Credit Card, Invoice with Terms

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At Mahe Medical we can provide you with fully customized stainless steel or titanium German fragment kits that will save you money over consigned frag kits. Contact us for more information, or request a quote today.

Stainless Steel Frag Kit - Mini

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Titanium Locking Screw Frag Kit - Small

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Stainless Steel Frag Kit - Small

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Titanium Locking crew Frag Kit - Large

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Stainless Steel Frag Kit - Large

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