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Synergy Pack In-Home Rehab Solution

Synergy Pack In-Home Rehab Solution

Knee & Hip Replacement Therapy

Mahe Medical USA is pleased to offer another first - the Synergy Pack in-home rehab solution for knee and hip joint replacement patients, developed by Synergy Pack.  

What a timely solution - with a shift from fee for service to value based payments, Synergy Pack provides you with a unique and inexpensive means to enhance your patient outcomes while also mitigating your financial exposure for the procedure.   Our products are designed to be used in the convenience of a patient’s home to keep their rehab ahead of schedule, which helps patients recover sooner and realize greater long term success.

New In-Home Therapy Program Mitigates Bundled Payment Exposure 

Ancillary Income

Synergy Pack is a low cost solution which you can provide to your patients at no cost,  or offer it to them for purchase, creating a new, ancillary income stream for your practice or facility.

Expands and Enhances the Continuum of Care for Patients

The pack is designed to complement traditional outpatient physical therapy and in-home stretching exercises with equipment designed to speed recovery and improve patient outcomes.  Synergy Pack contains a variety of exercise accessories that aid patients in their efforts to develop stronger muscles and bones, while regaining a full range of motion.  

By Design - No Instructions are Included

Our program allows the surgeon and physical therapy staff to design a customized set of instructions for each patient, tailored to their specific limitations and requirements.

No Inventory to Stock - We Handle Shipping and Fulfillment to the Patient

We look forward to speaking with you to determine how the Synergy Pack in-home rehab solution can be added to your patients’ physical therapy protocol.  Please complete the “Request a Quote” form, and our product specialist will contact you to arrange an appointment with your staff to discuss the Synergy Pack program in greater detail.

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