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Broken & Stripped Screw

Removal Instruments


When your hardware removal or revision surgeries encounter damaged, stripped or broken screws, reach for your Mahe sterile packed screw extraction instruments.
Sterile packed, AO quick coupling, single use only instruments.

Variable Angle Locking

Pegs & Screws

Volar Distal Radius Plate Set

The 2.7mm Variable Angle Locking Volar Distal Radius Plate Set is indicated for the treatment of intra-articular and extra-articular fractures and osteotomies of the distal radius. Allows for up to 15° of angulation of locking Pegs and Screws.

Flushing & Suction System


The BlueLavage® wins the German NRW 2019 Efficiency Award for resource-efficient suction & flushing system and differs from any pulse lavage system on the market. The first reusable climate neutral pulse lavage system available in the USA.

Trochanteric, Femoral & Tibial Nails

Intramedulary Nails

Offering state of the art trochantertic, antegrade & retrograde femoral as well as tibial nails.

Universal Screw Removal System

Xtracta-Screw Removal Module

The Easy Screw Removal System is your complete system for the efficient removal of all orthopedic & spine screws. This compact solution meets all the requirements of a modern and efficient screw removal system including broken & stripped screws.

Premier Manufacturer of Orthoopedic, Spine & CMF Devices

At Factory Direct Prices

Original Equipment & Private Labeling Implants, Instruments & Supplies

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