Factory Direct Purchasing Program

Slash Orthopedic Impant and Supply Costs up to 50%

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ASC and hospital administrators are wrestling with a difficult financial landscape, and expense reduction is the #1 objective for the majority of CEOs. Mahe Medical USA’s factory direct purchasing program will make a dramatic impact on your expense reduction goals, slash your case costs, and bolster your bottom line. We help you realize big savings on expensive orthopedic implant and supply costs - one of the most difficult expense categories to rein in.

Mahe Medical GmbH, Germany has manufactured premium quality orthopedic products and medical devices for the past 25 years, and we have supplied those products to the healthcare industry through some of the largest and best known medical device companies across the globe. Now, you can purchase those same high quality, German-crafted products direct from Mahe, bypassing the distributor and middlemen markups, and GPO administrative fees. Our lean factory direct sales and distribution model allows us to offer very aggressive pricing with no downside. In turn, you can slash your orthopedic implant and supply costs in half over the other premium brands - why pay twice as much for the same product?

Mahe Medical USA’s purchasing program is easy and straight forward

  • No Contracts
  • No Pricing Tiers
  • No "Cost Minus Rebates" Game to Play or Manage

Mahe’s factory direct model provides a refreshing, new approach for slashing orthopedic supply costs. When you add our e-commerce solution, Amazon Business Professional Healthcare, to our low-cost model, you’ll realize that we offer what the healthcare industry desperately needs - better prices, a more efficient supply chain, and the ability to disrupt traditional procurement models!

Amazon is poised to take on the high costs and inefficient purchasing programs that plague the healthcare industry. Amazon Business Professional Healthcare is improving the way healthcare organizations source and purchase professional healthcare products, while removing much of the complexity and inefficiencies. They are making supply chains more efficient, lowering supply costs, all while simplifying the purchasing process and offering purchasers, easy comparison shopping.

If you’re looking for creative ways to cut your expenses, and if you have the flexibility to purchase non-PPI orthopedic supplies outside of your GPO or vendor contracts, then consider Mahe Medical USA and Amazon Business Professional Healthcare for easy, immediate, and impactful savings.

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