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Mahe Medical USA - Products

Premium Quality, German Crafted Orthopedic Implants & Supplies

Half The Price - Why Pay More?

Mahe Medical USA offers the finest quality, German crafted orthopedic implants and supplies at factory direct prices which are up to 50% less than the other premium brands. While our German manufacturing facility produces 10,000 different orthopedic products and medical devices, we’ve designed Mahe Medical USA’s factory direct purchasing program around products with the following attributes:

  • Trauma - Upper and Lower Extremities
  • Non-Physician Preference Items
  • “Repless” - Products Not Requiring Rep Support in the OR
  • Clinically Proven, Mature, and Stable Technologies
  • No Product Training Required - Comparable To Existing Products
  • Easy Products to Transition to a New Supplier
  • No Changes to Your Operations

Huge Savings Without Sacrificing Product Quality,
Surgeon Satisfaction, or Patient Outcomes

Please take a moment to review our catalogs and complete the “request a quote form” to receive a quote for any of our products.

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